I am an entrepreneur (learner), Public health professional, mom of a naughty daughter, and a storyteller. I love talking and sharing my life experiences. I can strike a conversation with a three-year-old kid as well as eighty years old grandma.

All of us have grown by listening to stories from our grandmas, something missed by today’s generation. All they are listening to is Chuchu tv and YouTube channels. We also get fascinated by larger than life stories on the big screen. But our own stories and experiences are getting lost in our busy and hectic life.

Life In Basics is my attempt to go back in memory lane and relive all those moments which brings smile and nostalgia. You may feel connected to these stories too. Take a ten minutes break and cherish all those moments over a cup of tea.

Being a parent of four years old, I have also shared my experiences and learning that I hope other parents and future parents might find useful. I worked as a public health professional for and now working on my start-up. But trust me, being a parent is the most challenging task in this world. Sharing our stories will help us to make the parenthood journey easier for others.