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    Are you a Digital Marketing aspirant and want to make a carrier in it but confused by so many online Digital marketing courses?

  • Have you done a Digital Marketing course in the past and you feel it was not worth money and time? And now, you are looking for a result-oriented Digital Marketing course?
  • Are you running the Digital Marketing Agency and struggling to get clients?
  • Are you a freelancer and looking for your first big project?
  • Have you heard about Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)?
  • Do you want to know why you should join DDIP?
  • Do you want to know about the Cashback Model of Digital Deepak Internship Program where your course can be free of cost?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss and answer one of its kind of Digital Marketing Internship Program from “Digital Deepak Internship Program”. This course has transformed the lives of thousands of students, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and working professionals. I will discuss all aspects of the Digital Deepak Internship Program in detail and I also discuss why you should join this course.


  • Why Digital Marketing: Many people ask me about the prospects of Digital Marketing. They think that Digital Marketing is just one stream of marketing and is getting a lot of traction during COVID times but will eventually lose its charm and fade out.

But let me assure all the readers, Digital Marketing is not only going to stay but will also outpace other forms of marketing. Digital Marketing is not different from Marketing. Marketing is important in our daily lives. It does not matter whether you are a Doctor, Engineer, architect, entrepreneur, homemaker, you consistently need to market your product, services or skills thrive in this competitive environment.

The mode of Marketing can be changed but the Basics of Marketing will always be the same. Digital marketing is only a means to market your products and services using digital mediums such as social media, search engines, popular websites & applications.

So as long as people are going to use the digital medium for their daily work or entertainment Digital Marketing will continue to thrive.


  • Overview of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP): DDIP is the brainchild of Deepak Kanakaraju. He is popularly known as Digital Deepak and is one of the best digital marketers in India. He is not only an expert Digital Marketer but also a blogger, mentor, consultant, and columnist. Today Digital Deepak is a well-known brand in India and its website is in the top 10 websites for digital marketing.

Mr. Kanakaraju wants to make an impact in the education sector and this is one of the prime reasons he came up with this unique internship program. Nowadays, many online digital marketing courses are available on different platforms like udemy, course era, Hubspot, etc. But people buy courses and then forget about it. The course completion rate is as low as 5%.

Deepak wanted to change this dropping rate, so he came up with the idea of DDIP. In DDIP, interns must pay an upfront fee when they join the course. However, this is a unique program in which students will be refunded in a phase wise manner. The criteria for refunds is satisfactory completion of assignments. So, students can complete all their assignments and the entire course fee will be refunded. We will discuss more on the structure of the course in the later sections. And when students complete assignments, they develop better learning of the concepts taught in the course. So, it is an internship with practical experience and zero fees.

Due to this unique Cashback model of DDIP, the completion rate of DDIP is 80-90 %.


  • Eligibility Criteria for Joining the Internship Course: Anybody can join this course irrespective of their age, gender, and profession. The only requirement for joining this course is a laptop, a good network connection, and a zeal to learn and act. The internship is based on the Cashback model, you also need to deposit the course fee before the start of the Internship.


  • How I landed on this Course: I am a health professional, and I started my entrepreneurship journey 2 yrs. back. I started working on our e-commerce website –swapposto. Swapposto is an online marketplace where users can exchange their second-hand products (Barter System) apart from buying and selling secondhand products. We hired a social media marketer for its promotions as we did not have any marketing expertise in our team. But we were not able to get the desired result and traffic.

So, I decided to take charge and terminated the contract of Social Media Marketer. I started Researching on Digital Marketing in books, online, and with friends. It is then I came across the ‘Digital Deepak’ brand. I read about Digital Deepak across all social media platforms. I also did a short 12-week course (free of cost) that was available on the Digital Deepak Website at that time. I started implementing learning from those lessons and started getting traffic to our website. Had I not decided to take that leap of faith and started applying the concepts of marketing, I would not be able to learn Digital Marketing.

It is the learning & knowledge I gained from the DD marketing course I had my trust in DD Brand. Hence, I decided to enroll in this internship Program.

Now, it’s your turn to and I am not asking you to take a leap of faith but see and compare the results available online for a digital Deepak internship. Then you decide to get enrolled for the next batch of the internship courses.

  • Structure of the Internship Program: DDIP is a well-structured and unique course amongst the plethora of courses available online. It is based on the principle of Learn Digital Marketing concepts, implement your learning, and earn your cashback.

Our Batch had a 16-week course (it may vary from batch to batch). The first 12 weeks are based on the core skills and the next 4 weeks are bonus weeks.

Each week we get a recorded Video of 1-2 hours on our Learning Management System (LMS). Based on that Video, the assignment gets released. Interns must complete the assignment in 7 days.

Here I am going to discuss the topic covered in each week briefly:

Week 1: Success Mindset – Nothing can be better to start this internship journey than, success mindset video. This video ignites us to think about what we are and what do we want to achieve in our life. It is like a wake-up call.

The best part of this video and the learning is the assignment where we must write about a 2.0 version of ourselves. It means where we see ourselves in 5 to 7 yrs. While going through this Video I was able to relate better with my goals, achievements, and personality.

Week 1 prepares us for the mind blowing journey of DDIP. Without the right mindset, we cannot accomplish our goals.

Week 2: The law of Marketing- In our pursuit of knowledge, we often forget to learn about Basics. But here we start our journey by learning the Basics of Marketing. We learned various concepts such as the law of marketing; mass trust; traditional versus Digital Marketing; global economics & marketing; CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework; the Importance of good communication skills; and Personal Branding.

All these concepts help us to understand marketing in depth. As a part of our assignment, we had to write an in-depth article on our understanding of different Marketing concepts. First time I wrote such a descriptive article (around 2000 words).

But this is the beautiful part of this internship, we are going to do many things for the first time as part of the assignments.


Week 3: Discovering your Profitable Niche- I feel selecting Niche is one of the trickiest parts of our journey. In this week. I got to know that we should select our niche based on our passion, talent, and market needs.

The best part of this week is that it takes me back in the memory lane of my childhood to find about my passion.

The most exciting part is to create a customer avatar based on an understanding of our Niche.


Week 4: Creating your Word Press Blog- In the fourth week of the internship program we enter the technical subjects of the program. During this week, we learned how to select a domain name and web hosting server, the global DNS.

I already have a website in my name, but it is not developed by me. Since I wanted to learn everything from basics, I decided to create another WordPress website for this week’s assignment. Lifeinbasics is the website that I had created for my assignment. Here I write about my parenting experience and life experiences. I have started my Blogging journey as part of this assignment. Now, I thoroughly enjoy writing and I am planning to monetize my blog in the future.

I would highly recommend creating a new WordPress website even if you already have one.

Having your own website will always give you an edge if you are going for job interviews. Your website is a live project where you can implement your Digital marketing learnings.

Many interns have started their Blogging journey as part of this assignment

Week 5: Becoming the king of Content- The fifth week focuses on the importance of content. Right from the evaluation of content and the power of personal Branding in content marketing, the course covers everything related to content marketing.

We also got to know about different techniques that help us create a different kind of content using a mind map, mind node, Camtasia, loom, etc.

There is something challenging in every assignment which takes me out of my comfort zone. Creating a You-Tube channel & video was difficult for me as I am not comfortable in front of a camera. But I did it along with my fellow interns, Hurray!

Week 6: Social Media and Networking Mastery– After creating contents and publishing our blogs is the promotion of content on different social media platforms. The sixth week focuses exactly on this. We got to know different perspectives on social Media Platforms.

Promotion on Social Media is temporary and we should focus on building our tribe. We also got to know many tricks & tips through which we can build our true fans and tribe.


Week 7: Lead Generation and Email Marketing- Week-7 is the game-changer in the true sense. Many interns got their first client and others got big projects while doing the assignment of week 7. In this week, DD discusses the power of Email Marketing and how we can generate leads for B2B and B2C businesses.

The learning of this week for me was that one should not be afraid of rejection and keep on trying to get leads. The power of a big number always works.

Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads- Organic reach on FB is almost dead. If we want to promote our products and services, FB paid Ads is a powerful tool. In this week, we learned about FB Ads and how to customize our audience so that it reached our target audience.

Many interns including I, ran the first time FB paid Ad campaign and got amazing results.

 Week 9: Mastering Google Ads- Google Ads are inbound, it helps customers to find you. Google Ads are the prime source of generating leads and traffic. In the ninth week, we learned to create the custom conversion, You-Tube Ads, traffic Ads, etc.

Week 10: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Whenever we write an article, it is especially important that it is customized for SEO. Backlinks play a major role in SEO.

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation- I was too excited to write about DD that I wrote when this course was in progress.

The next week was going to focus on Copywrite and Sales

Now the important part of the Digital Deepak Journey: –

  • Cash Back Model and Assignment Submission: Just like you, I was also curious about the Cashback Model of the internship before joining this internship. I thought that this can be a marketing gimmick as no one give the cashback once the student gets enrolled in their courses. Many thoughts crossed my mind, maybe the assignment would be too tough, the assignment rejection rate would be high, or they may reject assignments on small issues, etc.

So, I did my research and got to know from different people that interns are getting their cash back. Not only they get cashback if all assignments get approved, but there is also a chance to earn more through bonuses.

As far as assignments are concerned, till week -10, none of my assignments got rejected. We get enough support from Digital Deepak and the team to finish our assignment. Even if the assignment gets rejected, they give 7 more days to resubmit the assignment. Not only have we got support from team Digital Deepak but also from fellow interns.

If you are serious about learning Digital Marketing and this internship, you need not worry about the cashback.

  • Pros of the DDIP
  1. Learning opportunity from one of the best mentors in the Digital Marketing Industry and that too technically free.
  2. Learn-Implement-Get Cashback. In DDIP, we learn different concepts and then implement those concepts as part of our assignments. It pushes us to come out of our comfort zone and act. Learning by doing is the best method to get a hold of any topic.

I would say it is a revolutionary step in the education sector. This is something which we need to incorporate in our education system also which focuses mainly on theoretical knowledge.

  • A thriving community of fellow Interns: The internship batch is a mixed bag of beginners, pro, and some experts of Digital Marketers. This community is like a 24*7 support group that is always there to help to resolve your queries and issues.
  1. Networking: The best platform for networking and collaborate with like-minded people.
  2. Opportunity to Work with DD Team: Though this program does not provide any placement guarantee, some of the interns who are able to grab the attention of the DD team got the opportunity to work with his team.
  3. Lifelong access to all the recorded Video: It means that if anytime we feel that we need to revise any particular topic, we can check that particular topic in our LMS.
  • We got many tools and courses free of cost such as the Digital Deepak Zapier Mastery course, Fb Mastery courses, etc.
  • Area of Improvement
  1. DD team is working on streamlining the cashback process. Sometimes there is a delay in cashback for some interns due to technical issues. But DD team always ensure that all interns whom assignment got approved to get their cashback.
  2. Need to add more people to their team. Since the DDIP is getting an amazing response from the community, DD has to ensure that the concerns and queries of every intern get addressed.


I have written this review of the Digital Deepak Internship Program based on my experience. I would highly recommend this program to everyone who is interested in learning Digital Marketing.

If you are interested in joining the next Batch of Internships, click here to fill your application form.  You can also check the video review.


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