Electronics, Dejavu and an iPhone

‘Electronics beyond explanation, Dejavu, and an iPhone Service Center’

Yesterday, I thought my iPhone died. After charging for about an hour and when it showed charging of 82%, I removed it from the charging point. As soon as I unlocked it, my worst fear was getting true, ‘MY PHONE WOULDN’T START’. This was the afternoon and the whole 11 hours to go by before a good night. I verified whether the charging point is working or not by connecting it to my other half’s (special effects) phone and it was charging perfectly all right. After 1-2 hours of panicking, I got settled into the day’s business. I had to take my wife to the Crawford market in Mumbai. I was wondering what I am going to do for 5 – 6 hours in probably the busiest & most congested market in India without my phone.

And bhagwaan ki kasam (All immortals so no worries), this was the most concentrated shopping I did in years. There was a lot of talking with my wife, lot of feedback and suggestion. After a point I even forgot there is such a thing call cellphone in the right pocket of my jeans. It was not until we had to book an Uber that we realized we have to use my wife’s cell phone. So I reached home and got settled in with the realization that I will have to finally take it to Costliest doctor of Phones for maintenance and servicing.

Now comes the biggest twist – Manifestation of a Dream! Dejavu!

I got up in the morning for a brisk walk and some meditation and yoga. I do regularly (sometimes). Inspirational Modiji has given some good habits.

After wrapping up morning chores, I kind of did a last ditch effort to see if there is any luck with my phone. This time I simply changed the charging point and tried connecting the phone hoping to have some miracle. At the same time, my wife told me she had an early morning dream which goes like

“I am connecting my phone to the charging point and the phone gets ON”. And God, Oh sweet God EXACTLY the same thing happened. After 5 minutes of connecting to the charging point, my phone started with a morning alarm (alaram for some of us). I didn’t believe it first

Electronics, Dejavu and an iPhone

 but later allowed it to sink in with the feeling of amazement and happiness. I am still trying to figure out what was the best thing to happen out of this experience?

Whether 12 hours without a phone? Or the manifestation of a dream? Or the escape from the iPhone service center?

BTW I didn’t take the Uber, the saving was 90% (People from Mumbai will relate) And I found out the reason why it went off in the first place.

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